The passion we put into our logo renewal and our future direction

Many you may have noticed already, but Chatwork's logo has changed!

We want to introduce and explain why our logo changed as well as the meaning behind the new logo.

Why we changed the Logo

From September 2012, we have started a full-fledged business in Silicon Valley.

Within the first year, we used the same designs, functionalities, and websites that we had in Japan. But after we moved to the US, we were keenly aware of the importance of differentiating ourselves from the other competitors. In order to outperform the competitors and make our presence known in the world, we decided to make the key changes in designs that would adapt to a global environment.

We have been discussing what the best way to explain Chatwork to the world is, and finally, we have found an answer. While maintaining the current values of Chatwork that we found in Japan, we adopted a strong visual style that would appeal to other countries.

So, today we are very happy that we can show everyone the new logo we have anticipated for.

The meaning behind the new logo

What would be significance within the realm of business communication? Our answer to that is creating an environment where everyone can work together on a project, and we always believe that Chatwork can provide a new value in business communication.

Chatwork's new logo symbolizes active communication and solidarity. We believe that the mere exchange of words cannot be the solution to achieve success. It is only when an organization becomes one that such success becomes possible. Through the four "chat bubbles" that combine together, we symbolize how businesses and teams can work well together through Chatwork.

Also, we know the color of the logo was surprising for some.

Because the main color changed from blue to red, it is indeed a 180 degree turn for us. We think that blue is a symbol color of trust and stability, so we chose blue to represent us until this point. But, while I went further into Chatwork's fundamental purpose, I felt that red was more fitting. We believe that creating a warm and caring work environment is really important, and also a business team that communicates well will see much more success than a team that lacks communication. The color red signifies not only the warmth of humans, but also the image of active collaboration within teams. And that's why we chose red over blue.

The unchanged value

We want our customers to find the new value of business communication through Chatwork, and at the same time, we want to cater to everyone, including those who aren't familiar with IT. As you can see, those who currently use Chatwork range from advanced IT companies to small businesses.

Chatwork from here on

This year in Silicon Valley and Luxembourg, we plan to accelerate further in development, and to significantly update our services globally. I can't give you the specifics yet, but there will be improvements on our user interface, speed, and stability for our PC and mobile apps.

Also, I believe that stability is of utmost importance in order to get as many people as possible use our platform for their businesses.

We will put all our effort to provide the best user experience, including quality and performance of service by making Chatwork stronger, safer, and more secure.

Thank you for your continual use of Chatwork.