Forming a Healthy Communication Style

To our fellow managers and employees, how well would you consider your daily communication to be within your team?

For employees, speaking with one's boss is typically a strenuous challenge to accomplish. And perhaps unknowingly, it may be awkward even for managers to communicate with their subordinates.

During my search, I found various solutions to confront these problems that cause such a nerve wrecking work environment.

For associates,

・Limit the conversation to about a minute.

・Choose the time to talk with your boss when they're away from their office.

・Another opportune moment to talk with your boss is when they are getting coffee or tea.

・Leave a memo on their desk requesting a moment of their time.

・Managers are human too. The conversation will become lighter and more simplistic if you remember the bigger picture.

I believe this technique will work effectively, but I would love to hear everyone's method of connecting with their teams.

Why is it so difficult to speak with one's superior?

Here are some of the typical reasons how communication can be blocked.

・Managers seem to be always busy.

・It's scary and can be nerve wrecking.

・They aren't normally in their office.

Even managers want to accumulate more profit, to be able to sit in their office, to conversate more easily with their team, and to create a better atmosphere if possible. However, because their management position soaks up most of their time, it's difficult to accomplish these tasks.

As work unconsciously becomes busier, communication becomes less of a priority.

My reccomendation for that is Chatwork's communication style.

Chat reconstructs the way you communicate with your team.

Chatting online doesn't create a hinderance against your partner's work, and it isn't formal like email. There's no need for a long introduction or greeting, so you and the receiver can get straight to the point.

Also, Chatwork allows you to delegate tasks to co-workers easily with just a click of a button. There's no need to construct lengthy meetings.

Adding, editing, deleting a task.

Don't heavily depend on the chat system

What's convenient about chatting online is the ability to post ideas to whomever and whenever.

The chat function is an excellent means of communication because there are less limitations, but that doesn't mean it's the solution to every problem.

For example, I can't tell what the person is feeling or experiencing since it isn't a face to face conversation. Once you can afford the time, by no means use it for in-person communication.

Remembering the importance of face-to-face connection will help you better understand the other side of the party and the virtuous cycle will be further enhanced.

So first, connect with your subordinates via chat. Once you can collaborate and communicate efficiently, I recommend to at least take a moment to meet in person to develop those relationships.