Renewed Visuals to Match Our New Theme and Logo!

What are we aiming for with this new look?

As always, I want to thank our users for choosing Chatwork as a means to connect with their teams.

I can already guess that most of you are saying "woah, Chatwork's design is different!"

On July 3rd of this year, Chatwork's logo transitioned from a blue to red theme, causing our main page to experience some big changes too. As of today, the Chat screen has also udnergone a transformation to fit our new look!

Besides what you've seen so far, the traditional part of Chatwork hasn't budged.

The buttons may have changed in color, but other than that, they have the same functionality and location as always. So don't worry about having to learn how to navigate around the newly designed site.

Concerning our functions, making any sort of change is a delicate problem. A thorough survey that we conducted informed us that there were few opinions believing that our site is hard to use or understand.

If the theme wasn't the only element that was modified, but the function as well, it might have had a substantially large effect on everyone's job in a negative way.

So with this transformation, it has become our goal to show everyone a visual that presents Chatwork. In pursuit of the perfect theme, it would make us extremely pleased if everyone were to continue to use Chatwork as it is now.

The future of Chatwork's foundation.

To be completely honest, we did face various problems when renewing our look.

The red and black on the logo is a powerful design; this color combination is perfect as an identity for our brand, but we found that it wasn't the best for the interface.

Too much red is alarming and looks like a warning sign. We were also concerned that black was too dark for a page that we look at very often. Combining other colors to our red and black proved to be a problem since it didn't represent a fitting image for our brand.

Because the colors conflicted with each other, we thought it was necessary to create a different color palette! And although we've released a new theme, we've only adopted the color palette experimentally.

We decided that whatever trends for our users will be refined and implemented in our site and mobile app.

The interface, such as buttons and windows, weren't the only thing that were revised. Images such as group chat defaults and user icons were also renewed!

Not only have we put some serious thought into our colors, we also used all kinds of shapes. Ingenuity played a large part in our renewal as well when displaying information sensuously.

We don't expect anyone to go out of their way to understand the meaning behind these changes, but we believe that these details express the "chat work-like atmosphere".

What do you all think? Does this design match Chatwork's image?

By all means, send us your opinions! We welcome any and all feedback so that we may better serve everyone and create an efficient and team oriented environment.

Until next time!