Code tag function has finally been released!

We have received many requests from many users to solve the problem that the character is changed to EMOTIKON when we put source cord of a program on Chatwork.

Today, we have released [code tag] function that solves this problem!

code tag function

Up to now, when user put the character strings which is used as emoticon ( ":)") to a chat, everything was changed to emoticon in spite of the user's aim.

So, when user would like to use the ":)" etc. as a character string, it was something very difficult to read.

Now, it is possible to use ":)" wihin a chat as a character string by using the "code tag function" released this time.

It is very easy to use!

Just put the sentences which you don't want to change between a code tag ( [code] ●●● [/code]), and it can be designated as a character string.

And also, if you wrote



``` ( + Enter ), " ``` " can be transformed to a code tag.

※If you set "Press Enter to Send" On, it will be transformed with (Shift + Enter).

We are glad to hear feedback from users because we can turn those feedback into our service improvements!