Chatwork 4th Anniversary and Our Plan For 2015

March 1st was Chatwork's 4th anniversary.

We are very thankful to everyone who has been a part of us!

2015 is our 5th year in business, and we are planning to release Chatwork ver4.0 which will have new features, new design, increased stability/speed, and reflected user feedbacks.

We will continue to improve our service to make it the best year so far!

Recent Release Information

Feature to invite people with URL using "Invitation Link"

You can now invite people who does not have a Chatwork user account to a group chat by sending them an invitation link.

About "Invitation Link"

Increased visibility of program source code using "code tag"

On 01/19 we've added a feature to increase visibility of program source code.

Just by surrounding the source code part of the text with the [code] tag, it is now much easier to see which part is the source code.

About "code tag"

Starting with the above updates, we are working hard towards releasing Chatwork ver4.0! Thank you for using Chatwork.