Introducing the File Uploading and Preview Function!

We have a great news for our Android users!

We improved file uploading function on Android app and now you can upload files from Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive to Chatwork.

Also, we did not forget about non-Android users!

We made improvement on PC version. We enriched preview function and now it allows you to preview PDF, Voice and Videos and text files on Chatwork.

Uploading files from Android become more convenient!

We have released our latest 3.1.2 version of Android app!

For this version, we have made a lot of improvements on UI and functionalities, and especially, we are sure that you will like our improvements on file uploading function.

With this upates, you can simply select files directly from "Google Drive", "Dropbox", "Box", "OneDrive", and upload it to Chatwork.

Also, you can upload Google document and spreadsheet files in a PDF format.

Extending File Preview Functionality

We have been working on improving the preview functionality on PC version to provide a better experienceof sharing visual information among team members.

This update enables you to preview files including "PDF". "voice", "video", "text" on Chatwork. You can preview theses files simply click the "preview" button appeared right next to the files name.

We hope it will help you to share different files more smoothly! Please try it out! ]:)

※ We don't support PDF preview function on IE

※ Playable file formats for voice and video files will be different based on the codec installed into the computer.

Please remember that you can also preview Slideshare, Speaker Deck on Chatwork!


Chatwork have supported Prezi・ preview mode


We are glad to hear feedback from users because we can turn those feedback into our service improvements!