Chatwork Closes $2.5 Million Financing

Today, we're happy to announce that Chatwork has closed a $2.5 million financing round led by GMO VenturePartners to target global expansion.

We launched Chatwork in 2011 with the goal of changing the way the world works.

When we initially launched the service, we did not have many competitors in the market. As one of the pioneers of the business chat tool provider, Chatwork has been continuing to grow and expand to meet the needs of our current 66,000 corporate users in 183 countries.

Since last year, the enterpise collaboration software industry has been seeing a huge growth in the market, and there are many business chat-type tools that are seeking to take part in that opportunity. Some of them are already well-recognized globally.

However, we realized that most of those competitors are focusing more on covering the needs of engineers and those who are familier with technology. Also, those tools are basically used only for internal communications, but not for external communications.

While the exsisting platforms has already helped thousands of customers in the world, so many SMEs still needs to rely on Email-based communication.

Let's change it before we have to.

Email and even in-person meetings will become a thing of the past, as early adopters already brought the technologies that they feel are most effective for office communication.

Therfore, we decided to receive outside financing to accelerate the growth in global market and improve the product to bring the new generation of business communication tools to all SMEs in the world, and support them reduce the amount of email they have to handle each day. We believe that this financing will help us scale even faster and bring the most innovative products to the global market.

Our Plan

Global Expansion

With Chatwork now in use in 183 countries, we will scale global sales and marketing, and build a global-level support focused on customer success.

UI/UX Renewal

We are building not just nicer, but more intuitive user interface which allows our users to recognize instantly about what they should do when they open Chatwork. Our team in San Francisco will get involved in UI/UX design project to integrate international design trends.

New Features

We are working on adding and improving features on Chatwork, while we will keep our platform simple. Some of the features we are planning to add in the near future are:

  • New iOS and Android app with enriched UI design
  • Improve task management feature
  • Desktop app
  • 2 Factor Authentication
  • Adopt Zapier and IFTTT
  • Official API release

Last of all, we want to give a big thanks to all of our users because we could not make it this far without your support, feedback and continual commiments! We would like to move forward together with our users to build the best business communication platform in the world.

We are always happy to connect with our customers, so if you have any ideas to expand our service globally, please contact us through Chatwork!

About Chatwork

Chatwork provides an easy-to-use business communication platform that relieves employees from communication inefficiencies during their daily routines. With Chatwork's cloud-based platform, text, voice, video chats, task management, and file sharing, everything can be managed together all in one place. Since launching in March 2011, Chatwork provides to over 66,000 corporations in more than 183 countries already.

About GMO VentureParnters

GMO VenturePartners is an early and growth stage investment subsidiary of GMO Internet Group which is one of the most comprehensive providers of industry-leading Internet services in Japan. The firm has a strong presence in supporting startups from EC, payment, ad-tech and enterprise SAAS sectors in regions such as Japan, China, Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and the US. GMO VenturePartners Inc has invested in over 50 startups in the past years and 8 companies went public.