Beginner Zapper: Explore 8 Popular Zapier Integrations with Chatwork

If you haven't used Zapier before, here's a few things to know before you dive in.

Zapier supports hundreds of apps. You can select any of these apps to connect with Chatwork and automatethose tedious, time consuming tasks. When you integrate two apps together to streamline your workflow, it's called a Zap.

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How to Get Started: Chatwork + Zapier

Eight Zaps Ready to Connect

To give you a jumpstart, we've created a few shortcuts for eight popular apps to make the connection process a bit easier. Click the links if you want to read more details how each of these Zaps can save you and your team steps and time.

If you are using a free Zapier account, you can access up to five Zaps. If you'd like to create more than five Zaps, please note

Zapier's price options


Easy Steps to Get Started with Zapier

Now let's walk through the steps to create your first Zap and connect Chatwork with your favorite application.

We'll use Gmail as an example.

1. Choose Your First App Combination

Refer to the list above, select your first combo and click the link. In this case, click the Chatwork + Gmail link. When you go to that page, you'll see a summary like this. Click the orange button "Use This Zap."

2. Create a Zapier Account

Create a Zapier account or login to your existing account if you already have one.

3. Connect Gmail with Zapier

Click "Connect" and Zapier will display your Google accounts.

If you have multiple Gmail accounts, select the one you'd like to automatically flow into your Chatwork account.

Zapier will ask you if it can get access to your account. Click "Allow."

4. Add Chatwork to Zapier

Now it's time to connect your Chatwork account to Zapier.

Click the "Connect" button. A popup will appear with instructions for obtaining your API key. Once you have your API key code, copy and paste it into the field and click "Yes, continue.".

(If you don't have your API key, refer to Step 2 on this blog,

How to Get Started: Chatwork + Zapier


5. Choose a Group Chat

Next, choose the Group Chat that you want to send your Gmail to. We recommend going to Chatwork and creating a new Group Chat with a label like "Gmail Inbox," so you can have a dedicated place for all your emails. Refresh your Chatwork browser window once you've added your new Group Chat. Now you're ready to select your Group Chat and customize how you want your Gmails to appear.

Click "Save + finish!" to continue.

6. Test It

Woohoo! Now, you can check that your Zap works. Click "Test out my new Zap."

On this next page, follow the three steps, then click "Continue + fetch the email."

When you see the Chatwork icon, click "Continue + send to Chatwork" to run the test.

You'll know your Zap is working when you see this happy message.

Now, let's go back to Chatwork and see if you received your Gmail in your Chat Group.

If you do, you are finished!

Use this example to create a Zap with any of the eight apps listed above. We hope this blog gives you ideas for the powerful combinations you can create with Zapier.

If you'd like to connect with other applications not in the list of eight above, follow the steps in this blog post: Advanced Zapper: How to Create Your Own Custom Zap