How to Get Started: Chatwork + Zapier

Today, we would like to share some exciting news that's going to make using Chatwork even more productive. Chatwork has announced a new integration with Zapier.

With this integration, you can now connect your favorite applications like Google Docs, Twitter, Dropbox, Github and hundreds more!

What is Zapier?

Zapier lets you easily connect the web apps you use to the Chatwork platform, making it easy to automate tedious tasks. No coding necessary! With just a few clicks, you can bring your favorite app into Chatwork and be even more productive.

For example, if you connect Chatwork with your Gmail account, you can receive your Gmail directly in a Group Chat so you no longer have to check multiple platforms.

You can also join Chatwork with Twitter and automatically receive messages posted to Chatwork when your username or specific keyword is mentioned in a Tweet. If you integrate with Dropbox, you can get a notification on Chatwork when files are shared to your Dropbox account.

Currently, there are over four hundred apps available on Zapier including Google Docs, Twitter, Facebook, Zoho, Salesforce, Github, JIRA and many more.

Check out the Chatwork + Zapier integration possibilities and get ready for some extreme productivity!

How to Get Started Using Zapier

Follow these two easy steps:

1. Create a Zapier account

Visit and create a free account. We recommend using the same email address you use for Chatwork.

2. Get a Chatwork API Key

Go to this page

to get your Chatwork API key.

For Chatwork Personal and Business Plan customers, your administrator will have to apply for the API key. If you're not the account administrator, simply request to apply. Please be aware that it may take three to five days to process your application.

We will send an email letting you know your API key is ready. Then, log into Chatwork, go to your Personal Settings from the pull-down menu on your profile name in the upper right corner. Click the "API" tab and enter your Chatwork account password to access your API key.

Now you're ready to connect your favorite apps to Chatwork using Zapier. These posts will help you with step-by-step instructions. Keep going!

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