Chatwork Welcomes the Team of Our 80,000th Company!

We're honored to give a very warm welcome to our 80,000th Chatwork customer

Highrise Habitat

a startup based in Singapore that develops systems for the growth of herbs and vegetables at home.

"We are delighted to be your 80,000th company and are very happy with the tool that Chatwork has provided us," said Abel Riboulot, Co-Founder and Director, Highrise Habitat. "To tell you a bit about

Highrise Habitat

and our use of Chatwork, I discovered Chatwork at a really good time to solve a concrete problem. Communication is absolutely key in the phase of R&D that we are going through, both for discussing within the company, but also to external actors such as investors and suppliers."

"However our team is split between Singapore and Japan. Linus Lim, another Co-Founder and I live in Tokyo, where we're studying, and our Chief Product Designer Sim Hao Jie is based in Singapore. Therefore, we had to find a way to communicate better.

"My friend who's working in a startup talked to me about Chatwork, and I decided to sign in and talk to my partners about it in order to see whether it could help us communicate more effectively.

"Features that we love about Chatwork are the communications saved in the cloud that help us keep track of things, as well as the inclusiveness of the service. If our product designer has this amazing idea at 4:00 am Japanese time (which happens surprisingly a lot), we're delighted that he can fully explain it over the chat and we can check in the morning. This combination of real-time communication, task management and file sharing really seduced us and we're looking forward to using Chatwork more."

Chatwork customers are from 183 countries around the world including United States, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, United Kingdom, Germany and Brazil. This global adoption of Chatwork highlights a major shift in the way that today's global teams communicate and collaborate to produce more creative and higher quality work.

"We welcome Abel, Linus and Hao Jie as our 80,000th company and their important work in the world developing a sustainable food system," said Chatwork Founder and CEO, Toshi Yamamoto. "Whether working together in the same office or across the world, teams are realizing the benefits of using chat to work faster and more effectively. Teams are able to build stronger relationships with each other and accomplish higher quality work in less time. They produce more creative, empathetic and customer-centric results. Team members are more satisfied with their jobs and are happier at work."

Chatwork believes in the power of teamwork and together with all our customers, we were able to achieve this milestone. We're rooting for Highrise Habitat and for the success of all of our fellow customers. We are grateful to all of our customers across the globe and we look forward to providing the very best experience for all of you.

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