Chatwork's Global Customers Reach 1 Billion Chat Messages Milestone

What do Uber, Adele, Star Wars and Chatwork have in common? We've all recently hit a one billion milestone! For Chatwork, that's one billion chat messages zipping between our 86,000 customers in 204 countries and regions since our 2011 launch.

That makes us practically twins with Uber. It took them five years -- just like us -- to hit a billion rides. And Adele's "Hello?" In only 87 days, she had a billion YouTube views. And Star Wars? Well, they earned a billion at the box office at light speed in just 12 days. But, they had the Force with them.

For those who don't know what a Chatwork chat message looks like, here's one (our 1,000,000,001st!). Notice the all all-important coffee cup emoji. It's an essential part of communicating with teammates, especially when you send your first chat message of the day:

Now, let's check out what our Chatwork chat platform looked like in 2011 when we launched:

Today, our Chatwork business group app looks like this:

In celebration of this historic milestone, we asked a couple of customers for their favorite chat messages they've sent or received and why they were special. Here's what they had to say:

From Aaron Calhoun, Systems Operations Technician, Citadel

"This chat message is meaningful to me since it validates my work as a system operations technician. I got it after I helped Renee with an issue she was having that she couldn't seem to figure out."

From Silvia Rak, Owner, FREIWASSER Marketing

"This is the very first conversation between Annette, a graphics designer, and myself - Annette and I have been working together for many, many years. Our working relationship has witnessed many technology developments."

"Thank you to all our customers who use Chatwork to team up and do great work together. We're inspired by our global users every day and our team promises to keep improving our product and service to provide the best work environment for you," said Toshi Yamamoto, Chatwork CEO and Founder.

A billion chat messages. That seems like a lot. That's like one-fifth of the world's population sending out one message. But compared to email, it's a small number. The Radicati Group reported in 2013 that more than 100 billion email messages were sent. Per day. That's way too many, right?! It feels overwhelming just to think about it. So, it's no surprise that there's fewer Chatwork messages out in the world. It takes less fuss, less words and the best part? No "reply all."

So, congratulations to all our customers out there who are getting more work done with less stress. As we like to say, it's teamwork without the drama. Let's lift our emoji beer mug to the power of the next billion messages! Just imagine what we'll accomplish.


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