Massive Chatwork iOS App Update!

NEW features and NEW UI

Today we’re excited to announce to you our biggest iOS app update ever. We hope you’ll enjoy all of the new features we’ve designed along with with a fresh new look and user-friendly navigation.

Now it’s even easier to share contacts on Chatwork! Just import them directly from your address book.

We’ve made it possible to add or invite people from your address book to your Chatwork account quickly and easily.

Our previous Chatwork app had a more manual process for adding contacts, using email address search, but in this updated version you’ll have more options. You can now send your Chatwork ID to anyone with a click of a button within the app and import your address book to connect with new people.

Customize push notification settings for each group chat!

You asked us for more control over push notification settings and we listened! 

There are just three steps to setting push notification controls for each group chat:
1. Tap on the “・・・ ” icon on the top right corner of your screen
2. Tap on the setting icon on the top right corner of your screen
3. Select “Push Notifications” and then “All Messages”, “Messages to Me” or “Do Not Notify”. 

You can change the push notification setting for all group chats at once, if you prefer. Here’s how:
1. Tap on the “Account” option on the bottom-right corner of your screen
2. Go to “Settings” and open “Push Notifications” to find an ON/OFF option
3. If you turn it on, you can select “All Messages” or “Messages to Me”

Improved UI for better usability

We've taken a big step forward with our new user interface. 

You’ll noticed that the keyboard is now displayed at the bottom part of your chat timeline so you can type a new chat message and read existing chat messages simultaneously.

Additionally, in the previous version of Chatwork, notations like a smiley face, TO: and quote message were displayed within the chat message box, but in this new version you’ll seedisplay icons instead of notations, giving you a better view of all the options you have to enhance chat messages.

But our new features don’t stop there!

We think you’ll love these bonus features we added as well.

- Messages search
You can now use the messages search feature previously only offered in the Chatwork web and desktop clients in the mobile app as well. We made it easier for you to find specific messages on the go with a quick keyword search.

- Lock
Use the new lock security feature to protect your infomation. You may already be familiar with theiPhone lock feature, but it’s new to chat apps.You can now use “fingerprint”, “passcode”, and “simple password” to lock your Chatwork app as well.

- Share extension
Share extension allows you to easily share links, notes and pictures from your phone to any group chat. No need to copy and paste anymore.

- Location service
Now it’s very easy to share your geographic location with otherChatwork users. This will be especially helpful for coordinating meetings withclients and colleagues.

In addition to making these iOS updates, we made it possible for our Android users to also experience our new “passcode”, “location service” and “address book integration” features on the Chatwork Android app, too.

Make sure to update your Chatwork app so you have the latest features we just shared! We are confident that our iOS app update will increase your productivity so please keep an eye out for new announcements from Chatwork about this in the coming months.