Chatwork to Provide Vietnamese Language Support

Sunnyvale, California - July 12, 2016 - Chatwork, Asia's leading business communication platform, today announced that it is now fully supported in Vietnamese.

Previously, since 2011, Chatwork provided Vietnamese language support in beta. The Vietnamese full version of Chatwork was created based on a growing demand and user base in Vietnam.

"We focus on high priority markets and proactively invest in markets where we hold top marketshare, like in Japan, Taiwan, and Vietnam. We are also focusing on breaking into markets such as the United States where would be considered a challenger," said Toshi Yamamoto, CEO and founder of Chatwork. "Providing our service in our users' native languages is a logical and consistent next step if we hope to accelerate Chatwork's growth around the world. To achieve the world's No.1 business communication platform ranking, it is essential that we continue to seek new challenges, redoubling our efforts in countries and regions where we are already established."

Chatwork was launched in March 2011 and currently supports four languages: English, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional´╝ĆSimplified Chinese) and Vietnamese.

About Yutaka Horie
Yutaka Horie, Chatwork's Head of APAC, leads marketing efforts for Chatwork Japan and manages Chatwork's expansion into Vietnam. Mr. Horie graduated from Fukuoka University and joined Chatwork in April of 2009. Mr, Horie travels frequently in his role, spending about half of his time in Vietnam and the other half South East Asia.

About Chatwork
Chatwork is a group chat app that helps over 100,000 companies across 205 countries and regions communicate, collaborate and increase productivity. The platform, available in four languages, includes secure messaging, video chat, task management and file sharing functionality. Founded in 2011, Chatwork is Asia's No. 1 business chat app and is based in Osaka, Japan with employees located in Asia and the U.S. For more information, visit, the Chatwork Blog and follow Chatwork on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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