How Chat Apps Are Shaping Conversations Around the World

Email has been the dominant method of business communication for quite some time. However, that is changing rapidly: Chat apps have begun to revolutionize how companies and communities communicate. It's faster and in a variety of instances, more effective than email, creating conversations in real-time.

Here are several companies solving real-world problems with better communication using group chat apps.


In Botswana, there are more cows roaming the land than people. Agriculture plays a big role in the country's economy, but there are ongoing problems with diseases and drought. Modisar is an app created by a duo consisting of a computer engineer and a farmer. They created Modisar to help farmers keep track of their livestock, plan proper vaccinations and medications for them, schedule feedings and share up-to-date information about good farming techniques and more. Farmers can stay on top of the latest developments in the field, chat with fellow farmers and monitor important dates such as the best windows of time for buying cattle.


Life360 is a smartphone app that helps families stay in touch with each other to improve safety and accountability. Think of it as a closed social network that only includes members of a family or private group. The app lets families message each other, create group chats, or keep track of each other on a map in real time. Useful landmarks such as police stations and hospitals are clearly marked on the maps. Members can save locations and get alerts when a child or other family member arrives at the set location. Families can allow approved applicants, such as health providers or babysitters, to join the closed circle. Founded in 2008, Life360 has grown over the years and now counts millions of families as registered members. It won Google's Grand Prize for the Best App In The World for the Android platform and it was also a Facebook Fund Technology Winner.

Highrise Habitat

Based in Singapore, Highrise Habitat helps people grow their own vegetables and herbs at home. The founding team hails from Tokyo and Singapore, two cities where lack of available neighborhood gardening space creates the perfect market for their products. Their goal is to help anyone who wants to grow food at home to have the tools and systems available to get started right away and create sustainable methods. The company uses Chatwork to better communicate between their distant cities. Chatwork helps Highrise Habitat track their activities because every conversation is saved in the Cloud. In addition, the task management and file sharing features help them plan goals and track their progress. The company is using chat to work quicker and more efficiently, strengthening relationships and getting more done in a shorter amount of time.

Highrise Habitat, Modisar and Life360 are just three good examples of how all types of companies (from young startups to well-established ones) are using business chat apps to improve the world. Chat apps are taking center stage in business communications because they are faster and more effective than email. As the business world takes a greater role in improving the world through philanthropic and community-building activities, business chat apps will continue to play a vital role.