Chatwork 6th Year Anniversar

We are celebrating our 6th year anniversary and taking a look back over the last year with some stats and infographics. Also we are happy to be selected as the No.1 Customer Satisfaction Business Chat in Japan for two years in a row.

The number of messages sent on Chatwork has reached to 1.8 billion by the end of 2016 along with the growth of customer base. Now, we have 127,000 companies using our service to increase the work efficiency

We have been investing a lot in customer acquisition via marketing, sales, and promotions after we went through the second round of funding. Also, we strengthen our team to support three additional languages which are Vietnamese, Thai, and Spanish to provide the better user experience for international users.

According to the survey we have conducted, 80.9% of our user think that Chatwork helps to speed up the exchange of information, and 75.1% consider that it helps to increase their productivity. Also, 69.1% of users successfully reduced the time they spend on email. 

We will continue trying to improve Chatwork and provide the better work experience through the service.