Audio call is available on mobile app

Good news! Today, we added audio call functionality for mobile app, and now you can join Chatwork Live from anywhere you are.

Chatwork Live for mobile app enables our user to connect with team anytime anywhere. It is going to be much simpler to coordinate meeting with colleagues and clients for those users who often work remotely from outside.

【How to start a call】

1. Select a chat to start a call, and tap message input box, then tap "video camera" icon
* For Android app, it is "Live" icon.

2.Select person you want to call and tap "Phone" icon to start a call

3.Tap "Mute" icon to turn off your audio

4.Tap "Close" to go back to the chat window, and tap green header bar to go back to the call screen

5. Tap red "Phone" icon to end call.

【How to take a call】

1. When you receive a call, slide "Phone" icon to the right to take a call.

3. Tap red "Phone" icon to end the call.

This feature is only available for Business plan user for now, but we are planning to provide this functionality to Personal plan as well.

Please try and enjoy this feature!