New Look for Chat List is now available as beta


We just released new design of chat list as beta today

It's been almost 5 years since we updated the design of that part, and here is why we believe that this change in design is important.

Main purpose of new design

  • Reduce complexicity by removing the buttons and increase usability.

Don'ts for this project

  • Don't touch other part of design except chat list
  • Don't change functionality

Issues with current UI

With current UI, all of chat room filters, like "unread", "To messages, and "tasks" are displayed as button within small space, and it provides the impression of complexity. A lot of new users took long time to understand the meaning of each buttons.


Also, since each chat room has notification badges for unread, To messages, tasks, muted chats and pinned chats, it is difficult to decide which messages to check first based on the information on chat room.


Therefore, we first simplified the design of chat room filter, so that users can easily recognize how to use and when to use.


Then we have categorized the notification badges based on the chat room filter.

  • All Chats / Unread filter shows number of unread chats notification badge.
  • Task filter shows number of chats with uncompleted tasks.

By doing this, users can view only needed information for each senario.


Improve Visibility for Category Function

Current UI required separated actions to filter chat rooms with category function. Now, it's displayed right below the chat room filter and easy to use category function.


Thinking about what it means to add one click.

Usually, it is not a positive thing to add one additional click to the user action process. There might be a possibility where the users feel inconvenience if it requires two clicks with new UI when it only required one click with old UI. However, the easiness sometimes provoke the unnecessary actions which reduce productivity.

We try to increase the productivity by reducing the unnecessary actions through simplified UI and contribute to less actions.

How to update

You can try new UI from following link.

Try New Look

Please aware that we still keep the option to go back to old UI from the profile menu.


Please try our new look and hope you like it.