Chatwork is a convenient, effective and satisfied communication app for our Japanese customers

Mr. Nguyen Duy Tuan, Development of Commerce and Services ACE Corporation

Development of Commerce and Services ACE Corporation has 8 years’ experience of consultant for Japan-Euro corporations which invest in Vietnam, cooperates with other domestic law offices; my firm provides major services: law consultant- finance- M&A- Trade Connection…With experts have long time working experience with Japanese customers and understand Vietnam business laws, ACE is proud of working over 100 popular clients , supporting to research the market, business culture, and cooperating with customers in a long future.

Chatwork: important tool helps my company to build diligent and professional method

After 8 years of establishment and development, what should company set up the goals in providing consultant service field for international firms?

My corporation doesn’t set up too big target, but only focuses on a key point which connects, takes care of, and services professionally our clients.

Major customers of ACE are Japan corporations. That is why ACE comes up with professional and diligent services which is similar with Omotenashi style of Japanese?

90% our customers are from Japan, the rest is from Euro- US. Our advance is that the founders have spent a long living time in Japan; therefore, they understand the Japanese culture and services. Addition, our company wants to give diligent and professional services to clients; this is our ultimate goal from the establishment.

ACE firm is trying to provide the most professional and diligent services to clients.
Focus on professional and diligent services for customers, what do you value of working communication role?

My firm provides business consultant service about finance and business law fields. The consistently communication with customers is a core factor to handle issues and suggest solutions asap.

In internal operation, employees also have to communicate and cooperate well. For details, each staff from different fields such as accountants or law consultants needs to contribute various views to solve customer’s questions diligently.

New communication equipment with new advances gains the workload speed from 30-40%

ACE is applying communication tool Chatwork. How did you know Chatwork Japan, this is a new tool, it gets seldom attention in Vietnam?

We are introduced from a Japanese friend that Chatwork is useful communication tool. After 1 month trial, my company recognized this app was suitable for us, so we bought the license for long time use, my firm has been applied this tool for 6 months.

Before Chatwork, which communication tool did your company use? Could you compare Chatwork with other ex-communication app?

In the past, my corporation used to work with communication tools such as Gmail, Skype, Zalo, Messenger.

With Gmail app, when sending an email, you can’t know whether the recipient has read it yet or when he/she will respond. With Chatwork, you will recognize when the recipient read emails and get fast answers. Therefore, the workload speed is faster with Chatwork.

By Skype, Zalo, and Messenger are not only working communication but also personal connection. This affects to the focus of staff. Chatwork’s advance is only using for working communication; it supports employees to focus on tasks.

After applying this app, ACE is convinced quickly by useful functions for tasks by Chatwork.
Can you give some details of productiveness while using Chatwork app in the workplace?

According to effectiveness, with Chatwork, a manager can set a timeline of each task for each employee to follow up the deadline. Nowadays, one customer document package only needs 7 days for completion instead of 10 days in the past, the workload speed is improved 30-40%.

Our Japanese customers also using Chatwork; by using similar communication tool will provide fast services, minimize costs, and gain customer’s satisfaction, so the revenue is increasing rapidly.

2 important functions in law and finance consultant fields

Chatwork is an application with multiple functions, which function is outperformed and suitable with special tasks in your company?

I am the top leader, but I don’t stay in the office normally. With Chatwork, even though out of office, I can easily designate tasks not only on computer but also on my cellphone. Otherwise, download and upload files are done fast and simply. Thus, I value highly task management function of Chatwork.

App is convenient on computer and smartphone
Customer info security is our important compliance like a service provider to earn the customer trust. One of Chatwork advance is safety info security for input info. This is a common standard of consultant business- the career needs accuracy and major app like Chatwork?

Our accountant and law fields request high info security standards; all contracts of customers must have info security terms and conditions. However, customers often have concerns: if an ex-staff leaves, may this person use this info for personal benefits? In this case, does our firm have the liability?

When using Chatwork, our firm handles customer’s questions: When an ex- employee leaves, this Chatwork member account will be managed by the company; therefore, this person can’t sign in the account to get customer’s info. This helps our corporation to protect info security compliance.

Communication app is applied for the corporation in the high tech world

The tech revolution is developing rapidly, and consultant field is not out of trend. In your view, can Chatwork app satisfy new requirements of tech revolution yet?

Like discussions above, when using Chatwork, this is a convenient and simple application. By Chatwork functions, companies may have new techs to apply and serve tasks.

Do you have any advice for firms which operate in law and finance fields and are looking for a communication tool?

In my point, customer service corporations should gain the workload speed because clients never wait us; they always want all questions have to be answered asap. Therefore, besides on traditional communication tool, we should apply new useful app such as Chatwork; then, customers will be happy with workload speed and info security standards.