HSK is proud of servicing over 200 customers in 10 years operation. One of our secret leaning workplace in our famous audit company from Japan is Chatwork app.

Mr. Atsuji Kenichi, HSK Vietnam Audit LLC

HSK Vietnam Audit Company Limited ( HSK) is audit company from Japan. Started in Vietnam from 2010, HSK is providing services to over 200 customers in fields: tax, financial statement, accountancy, payroll, M&A. The target of HSK is performing high quality of services with international standards, effectiveness, time-saved, transparency for domestic and foreign corporations.

Feedback for customer’s questions in 1 hour

According on duty of audit and financial advice, in 10 years recently how can HSK satisfy the needs and benefits of customers?

From establishment, while working with clients, HSK always finds out the requirements and builds up the deeply relationship to support customer’s businesses. Our first priority is the happiness of clients. To full fill this ultimate goal, our company has to keep the trust from customers which are the core of our business; otherwise, we also improve the quality of services to take care of customers daily.

In your opinion, what is made the difference from HSK?

In my opinion, in the service field, HSK doesn’t have much difference from other accounting companies. However, in HSK, we have the compliance in tasks which are special with customer’s communication. In the client situation, if there is any emergency issue or advice’s need, the feedback waiting time will create stresses unpleasantly for customers. When client needs advices, my firm will handle it asap, this is professional standard. In my opinion, customer’s request should be responded in maximum 1 day; with emergency issues have to be answered in maximum 1 hour. It is our daily operation goal. Even though not all 100% my employees can follow completely our gold standards, but our leaders want to sure that all staff has to practice these policies everyday. This is the reason why HSK is admitted the trust from customers. In our ideas, the important characters in workplace are “honest, fast, and committed”.

In the past, there is a time waste in communication

Before Chatwork app, how is the customer’s communication?

“The time is wasted too much”, I think. Specific with internal operations, the communication between managers and employees takes a long time by using email, long steps: open-look for-read-sent back…While sending mails, I wonder” who should be sent?” or “ this task is or is not finished yet?” These questions combine with CC recipients waste a lot of time for sending an email.

Time waste in communication affects to the timeline of providing services from HSK

The workplace effectiveness gains 20% by applying Chatwork

From using Chatwork, what do you recognize changes of working methods and effectiveness?

Just my personal experience, I recognize the effectiveness gains 20% when my company applied Chatwork app One of first issue, I have to send email CC non-direct member group; it is solved by using chatroom of Chatwork. Another function improves the productiveness is task management. For details, Chatwork will share tasks with other members in your chatroom, it will update task status immediately. Otherwise, Chatwork has many functions to maximize the productiveness, but only 2 functions above help our company to save a lot of time. Everyday, my corporation handles over 5,000 emails and feedback to customers. By saving dozens of seconds on each task, it seems a little bit, but adding up daily, monthly, yearly; the time may be saved up to dozens of hours.

Improving communication of internal operations and customers, Workchat helps HSK to gain the productiveness significantly.

On audit field, using Chatwork is suitable

In your opinion, Is Chatwork suitable in audit field?

Chatwork is a great tool. Specific with careers which need info security; void of leaking customer info is the first priority such as audit, member management in chatroom is a big advantage. When a staff leaves, just delete this member account from chatroom. At this time, this ex-staff can’t see the discussions from the past to up to date. This is the big advance of Chatwork compares to other free chat app in the market.

Info security is common standard of audit and communication app Chatwork