Chatwork helped me save a lot of time, conversation time can be reduced by up to 70%. Meeting time is also reduced by ⅓ as compared to before, on average I can save 1 hour of work per day.

Mr. Do Khac Tien - Director of KSi Viet Nam Auditing Company Ltd - Ha Noi Branch

Born in 2002, KSi Vietnam Auditing Company Ltd was founded by outstanding auditors and financial directors, who used to hold management roles in leading auditing organizations and economic groups in Vietnam. Along with the development and growth of the company, 2010 August 1st, KSi has officially become a member of the international audit group Kingston Smith- KS International. The company currently provides audit, accounting, tax advisory and financial advisory services to more than 200 businesses in many fields with a team of 60 professional staff, of which 12 auditors have been granted the Certificate of Independent Audit Practicing (CPA) by the Ministry of Finance.

The following are discussions of Mr. Do Khac Tien - Director of KSi Auditing Company Limited - Hanoi Branch about the results achieved when applying Chatwork in the enterprise.

Pursuing the criteria of transparency, objectivity, credibility and reliability, our principles of operation have a lot in common with the Omtenashi spirit of Japan

Dear sir, with an Auditing and Financial Consulting Company, how best to meet the needs and interests of customers?

All activities of our company are based on two bases. First, for our customers, we must to clear about their business in order to provide the most relevant and valuable advice.

Secondly, on KSi side, we always try to improve more and more experience for our employees, and do not hesitate to apply scientific and technological innovations to improve the quality of management, simplifying the procedures in company. Thereby improving productivity and quality of work for each employee.

With such performance criteria and working methods, why do you want to choose Chatwork application from Japan as the optimal communication tool in your company?

Right from the first days of establishment, we have identified the four most important criteria when working with customers: "transparency, objectivity, credibility, reliability". You can see that it is quite similar to the Omotenashi spirit - Japan's attentive service style. And no other tool can convey that spirit better than works apps come from Japan. So I chose Chatwork for business instead of other tools.

Chatwork overcomes the disadvantages like lack of concentration, easy to confuse, waste time and ineffective of other tools

How long has Chatwork been with your company and how effective is it?

We have been using Chatwork for almost a year and I knew clearly this is a multi-feature application with many advantages:

First, you can easily create separate groups for different departments or projects by using Chatwork.

Secondly, Chatwork helped me save a lot of time, conversation time can be reduced by up to 70%. Instead of going to a meeting room face to, we can create groups chat and exchange opinions with customers via Chatwork. Meeting time is also reduced by ⅓ as compared to before, on average I can save 1 hour of work per day.

The third point is also my favorite, Chatwork can be used flexibly on computer platforms, smartphones running iOS or Android operating systems.

Besides that, Chatwork live also allows up to 100 customers or employees in a group when using voice calls and up to 14 people when using video calls. We can also share images in such conversations. Moreover, we can upload files of any format via Chatwork. People in the same group can read and use it for work.

Specially, I found Chatwork's Assign Tasks feature to be quite effective. When you assigned a task, there will be a deadline for completion, as well as assessing whether the staff has reached the level of completion of the task or not. In that case, the errors of the work have been reduced, the job is almost complete on time.

All of these improvements make customers to be more satisfied and trust us. For me, that is the most important thing.

Before Chatwork, what tools did the company use to communicate internally and with customers? Can you make a comparison between two tools?

Before approaching Chatwork, we were pretty confused to find a suitable management tool. We usually used email and some other popular chat apps in Vietnam. Sometimes make a phone call. There was no main tools applied at the company.

With the old methods, email or phone, if you're looking for information or the contents of the business you have exchanged becoming difficultly. By using Chatwork, information is easier to categorize and search than before.

Furthermore, the chat tools available in Vietnam are mainly for entertainment purposes, so employees can be distracted or sometimes confused, post personal messages to a work chat. But with Chatwork, as I said, it have many useful features for control task of work and review the completed quality of the staff. It’s very useful.

Choosing Chatwork like a partner, Mr. Do Khac Tien is very pleased

Strategy for protecting company data assets

Customer information security is one of the most important of auditor. One of the advantages of Chatwork application is security all data were coming. Whether have common denominator between auditing, a career which requires correct thinking and a strategy has name Chatwork?

Security have two forms:

The first is customer’s information must be kept internal business. About using Chatwork, when employees quit their job or change another position, we can easy to remove those Chatwork accounts. All remaining information will be kept absolutely safe.

The second is related to other group, includes customers, people who gave me this application for us. Chatwork will divided groups customers and just sharing information about us into that internal group, make sure that security information when work with customer.

Obviously, this is application responses quickly of the change of IT revolution 4.0 while kept safely, security.

Coordinate Chatwork with each company's processes help be more efficient management at work

Possible to coordinate the Assigning and Managing tasks in the privacy of every company to bring the best effect

Chatwork is a platform that integrates many features in it. What features do you rate as superior and especially useful for work at your company?

As for me, i think assigning and managing tasks is the best. Particularly in my company, I also expanded some useful features for the working style at KSi such as automatic update of reminder notifications, assign tasks weekly.

For example, every Friday afternoon, all employees have to make weekly reports and at Sunday afternoon all the leaders of the department make reports. Schedule to be prompted to be mentioned.

In addition, we will also integrate Chatwork in the use of Google Drive. We usually store a relatively large volume of files on it, and whenever there is a new archive or change, there will be a message to Chatwork. Immediately while sitting in the car or eating with my wife, I can also check for those changes.

Thank you for your share!